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Personal events & milestones

Mission Call OPENING

  • 40 minutes of video coverage  This is usually the perfect amount of time needed to film a call-opening video! If you would like to have me there longer, we can increase coverage time to 1 hr for $25 more.

  • 1.5-3 min cinematic video 4k footage with beautiful, simple music, and audio of your missionary reading their call & your family's celebration. 

  • 5 or more stills Printable in any sizes up to 16 x 22".


For other personal events/milestones such as birthdays, graduations, baby/bridal showers, family gatherings, etc.. please reach out! Special requests and out-of-the box ideas are always welcome.

Click "contact me" at the bottom of the page so we can chat about it!

family videography

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