Hey guys, I'm Aubree. I've always had a passion for videography - I've been making little family memory videos since I can remember. Haha, we still watch them all the time. To this day I can't wrap my mind around the idea of capturing actual moments and feelings and images in a little camera box and somehow we get to have them forever. I genuinely don't get it but I am so so so grateful for it. I feel like the days where I feel the happiest are the ones that fly by in a huge blur and I always want to go back to relive the little moments and the joy that I felt.

I have.. well technically 11 younger siblings, not including in-laws. Mixed families are the best. I got married in 2019 ;) and we're working/going to school/engaging with 100 immediate family members all the time, haha. He helps me a lot with the business, and if I'm lucky he'll tag along as my second camera man!

Favorite color to wear is black, favorite color to look at is cornflower blue. (why do we even have favorite colors? so weird.) I love all music, especially happy indie-pop - I'll put a screenshot of some of my fav songs below. My favorite treat right now is almond butter and apples.

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how kind film co. began

In 2020 I watched as social and mass media spread divisive, pessimistic messages through our country like a plague, muffling the hopeful messages of change and love and unity that were meant to be heard. It was during that time that I felt impressed to capture and share content that was uplifting and good. Whether it's through filming families at home together or the first dance of newlyweds, I see through my lens a better version of the world  – one where we focus on the kindest parts of life. That's why Kind Film Co. was born.

My heart's work is capturing and showcasing the love, connection, and kindness that's innate in all of us. The purpose of Kind Film Co. is to help others remember and refocus on the same.

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